Emmy Winning Reporter Christi O’Connor Talks About Her Addiction Problem on Dr. Phil

By Victoria Kim 02/05/15

Christi O’Connor went from world-class journalist to hopeless addict virtually overnight.

Christi O’Connor
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Three-time Emmy-winning TV news reporter Christi O’Connor went on Dr. Phil last month, and came clean about her addiction to alcohol and oxycodone that caused her to lose control of her life.

“Because of my drinking, I’ve gone from leading national network investigative reporter to no job and sleeping in a bush,” she said.

O’Connor, who said she was mentored by Diane Sawyer and Connie Chung, began taking “3 or 4 oxycodone a day” after a car accident in 2010, and started drinking alcohol to go to bed.

Now, she has $300 to her name, no car, no money, and is “totally depressed.” Her reason for drinking is loneliness, but mostly heartbreak. O’Connor, 54, said her daughter Heather “turned on” her when she went to rehab. She said Heather “exaggerated my addictions” and “smeared my character.”

“I know if I had the love of my daughters, I could not drink,” she said. “But it’s because there’s such deep love between my daughters and me severed, that I drink so much.”

After an incident at a domestic violence shelter in December, which ended in her arrest and 10 days in jail, O’Connor said she now drinks “more than I have ever.”

She went on Dr. Phil, saying “I’m ready to be very honest about what’s happened and what alcohol does.”

“Finally she says, ‘You know what? I’ve got to have somebody that can grab this thing by the ears and pull us back together. If I don’t do something dramatic, my daughters are done with me.’ So she reached out,” Dr. Phil said.

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