Eminem Helped Joe Budden Get Sober

By McCarton Ackerman 04/04/13

Budden says the recovering rappers have "a real unique situation...it's like family."

Sober buds. Photo via

Rapper Joe Budden didn't tread his road to sobriety alone; he had the support of fellow recovering rapper Eminem. Budden's battle with addiction has been well-documented and was even featured in his VH1 reality show Love & Hip Hop: New York. But he's more discrete about his friendship with Eminem, which he says played a huge part in his recovery. "Those conversations are confidential between us, but we definitely spoke about it," he says on last night's episode of MTV's RapFix Live. "He shared some of his experiences; I've shared some of mine. It's a real unique situation, because we're signed there (to Eminem's label Shady Records) and he's one of the greatest rappers ever in my opinion, but as just a person, it's really like family." Both rappers have used music as an outlet to share about their struggles with addiction: Eminem did so extensively in his 2009 LP Relapse and the follow-up album Recovery, and Budden rhymes about his molly problem in the track "Castles" from his latest album No Love Lost ("Them mollys were cool when we all were doing 'em/ But nobody recalled when I was the only one they were ruining"). Budden said earlier this year that the popular party drug "nearly killed him;" it also evidently put a damper on his sex life. "I never had time to have sex. It was doing too much to my brain," he says, "Once it starts doing that, a bad string of events start to happen with life. Life started to become unmanageable at that point."

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