"The Eight Kindes of Drunkennes"

By Hunter R. Slaton 03/07/12

Which kind of drunken animal have you been—a heavie swine or a craftie fox? Check this handy diagnosis, circa 1592.

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In this season of spring break and the run-up to St. Patrick's Day, a reminder from Elizabethan satirist Thomas Nashe (1567-1601) that the varieties of intoxication are as many and as varied as the beasts that roam the earth is appropriate. Here then, circa 1592 (and with a nod to a cool blog, Lists of Note) are "THE EIGHT KINDES OF DRUNKENNES":

The first is ape drunke; and he leapes, and singes, and hollowes, and danceth for the heavens;

The second is lion drunke; and he flings the pots about the house, calls his hostesse whore, breakes the glasse windowes with his dagger, and is apt to quarrell with anie man that speaks to him; 

The third is swine drunke; heavie, lumpish, and sleepie, and cries for a little more drinke, and a fewe more cloathes; 

The fourth is sheepe drunk; wise in his conceipt, when he cannot bring foorth a right word;

The fifth is mawdlen drunke; when a fellowe will weepe for kindnes in the midst of ale, and kisse you, saying, "By God, captaine, I love thee. Goe thy wayes; thou dost not thinke so often of me as I doo thee; I would (if it pleased God) I could not love thee as well as I doo;" and then he puts his finger in his eye, and cryes;

The sixth is Martin drunke; when a man is drunke, and drinkes himselfe sober ere he stirre; 

The seventh is goate drunke; when, in his drunkennes, he hath no minde but on lecherie; 

The eighth is fox drunke—when he is craftie drunke, as manie of the Dutchmen bee, that will never bargaine but when they are drunke.

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