Woman Whose Eye Was Shot Out Vows to Get Sober

By Luke Walker 01/12/12

A bullet in the eye was a wake-up call to one Canadian drinker.

The woman who lost an eye and found sobriety.

Newly-sober Canadian Amanda Delorme became an overnight celebrity after being shot in the face by an unknown gunman, during a holiday party in Winnipeg on December 31. The attacker fired indiscriminately into a house, injuring 30-year-old Delorme and killing Michael Warren Sinclair, 46. Delorme, who was drunk, continued drinking her beer, even as her friend lay fatally injured on the floor next to her, and sustaining a critical gunshot wound to her own right eye. "She thought she must have been punched. She told them 'I've been punched harder before,'" reports her sister. "She didn't believe it for the longest time.” Delorme’s eye was irreparably damaged by the bullet, which passed through the socket and into her head. She underwent emergency treatment and narrowly escaped death; she's due to receive a prosthetic eye in the next six to eight weeks. Since the incident, Delorme has acknowledged her drug and alcohol problems and checked into a residential treatment facility. "I think this is really going to straighten her out," says her sister. "She's saying, 'That's it, I'm going to quit drinking now.'"

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