Video: "Did They Just Deck the Bride?"

By McCarton Ackerman 10/08/12

Mass drunken violence wrecks two weddings in Philadelphia, leaving one guest dead.

This won't be the last supposedly joyous occasion ruined by alcohol. One man died from a heart attack after a frenzied mass brawl broke out between an estimated 75-100 guests from two wedding receptions at Philadelphia's Sheraton Mission Hotel at 2 am yesterday morning. The whole thing was caught on tape by a hotel guest who was awoken by the commotion. "Did they just deck the bride?" asks the cameraman above the screaming. Despite at least one of the brides' involvement in the fight, it was later confirmed that neither was injured. Police eventually charged into the reception area with nightsticks and pulled guests off each other. One man was subdued with a Taser. Amid the chaos, a 57-year-old male, the uncle of one of the brides, was found unconscious following a heart attack. He was taken to the hospital and pronounced dead less than an hour later. It's unclear what started the fracas, but police Lt. Ray Evers says "there was an issue with a lot of alcohol fueling the fight." One guest was arrested for assaulting an officer and another two were cited for disorderly conduct.

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