Drunk BBQ-ing Costs Millions

By Bryan Le 05/28/12

Grill jockeys on the sauce have caused major damage to themselves and their homes over the past two years.

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Drinking and grilling can be a fiery combo.
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This Memorial Day, many Americans will be breaking out the backyard grills and cracking open a cold one—partaking in the timeless, and seemingly harmless, tradition of drinking and grilling. But evidence from our neighbors across the pond suggests that the booze-and-barbeque combo may be one of the most destructive—and costly—forces around: drunk UK grill jockeys have caused £617 million ($965 million USD) in damages to their own homes over the past two years, according to research compiled by insurance firm MORE TH>N. The cost includes damages to more than 1.5 million buildings and pieces of furniture caused by BBQ lovers attempting to cook under the influence, leaving their homes charred in the process. On average, women wreaked more damage than men, averaging about £525 ($823 USD) in BBQ-based insurance claims, whereas men claimed an average of about £483 ($757 USD). With events such as the Queen's Diamond Jubilee and the Olympics bringing cause for more celebration this summer, MORE TH>N is predicting UK citizens will cook up at least 900,000 seared lawns and porches by August 2012.

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