The Drunk, The Strippers and The $28,000 Bar Bill

By Will Godfrey 08/31/11

A rueful patron of Manhattan's Hustler Club claims the strip joint's staff plied him with booze while charging him $2000 a drink.

Hustler Girls: Not as cheap as they look. Photo via

Patrons of strip joints may not expect bargain booze at the bar, but one Manhattan man woke up the next day with more than just a hideous hangover, following a visit to Larry Flynt's Hustler Club on May 24. Ladies' man Gerard Wall had been charged $28,109.60 on his credit card for drinks, reports the New York Daily News. Now the aggrieved punter is suing the "countries premiere gentlemens club [sic]," as it's described on its website, for fraud. He claims to have been served so much alcohol by unscrupulous staff that he was "no longer capable of making financial transactions." The "charms" of the "hundreds of the world's hottest female entertainers" advertised may also have clouded his judgement—perhaps he ordered them a few cocktails each. His lawsuit reads: "defendant wrongfully charged... a sum far in excess of any reasonable costs for said alcoholic beverages." Wall was so wasted he woke up in Delaware after being taken home by a kindly Hustler staff member, presumably one of the fully-dressed ones. His morning headache got a whole lot worse when the club refused to return any of his money.

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