Boozed-Up Brit Takes Joyride on Airport Runway

By McCarton Ackerman 12/26/12

There are many ways to spend Christmas Day. Sobering up in an Amsterdam police cell is one of them.

It must have looked inviting. Photo via

Of all the possible nationalities and locations for a little bit too much Christmas cheer, this combo might count as the least surprising: a drunken British man has been arrested for stealing a car and driving down the airport runway at Schiphol Airport, Amsterdam. Not to be outdone by drink-fueled chaos yesterday as far afield as Sweden and India, the unnamed hero reportedly pushed an emergency exit button at one of the airport gates during the early hours of Christmas morning, stole a contractor's car and took off down the runway at top speed for several minutes. A police spokesman insists that the man didn't pose any danger to flight traffic because "There aren’t many flights on Christmas Eve and there were none at all at the time he took the car." He added that it would take "a while" for the arrested man to sober up enough to be interviewed by police: "We’re investigating exactly where he went in the car. We don’t know why he took the car; these are things you do when you’re drunk." 

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