Drunken Golf Cart Drivers Plague Georgia

By Bryan Le 04/08/13

Peachtree City, the "golf cart capital" of the world, cracks down on a growing threat.

Don't tase me, bro. Photo via

Too many citizens of Peachtree, Georgia, are driving their golf carts while intoxicated. And following a videotaped incident in which police had to pull a Taser on a drunk cart driver, officials are cracking down. The “golf cart capital” of the world is home to 10,000 registered golf carts, or one for every three of its 34,000 citizens. And with 100 miles of proprietary golf cart paths, intoxicated drivers have become a threat to public safety. “Unfortunately, it's public perception to some that it's not a big deal to drive intoxicated in a golf cart, but we feel it's a little more aggravating because we have intermingling of pedestrians and bicyclists and skateboarders on our cart paths," says Lt. Mark Brown, who's been trying to curb the problem for years. “We've had serious injuries, we've had deaths on our cart path system in the past, so we just want people to understand those are vehicles.” The city has more golf cart owners than any other city in the world: police use the vehicles to patrol the streets, and many teenagers 15 and older drive use them to get to school. But cops would like to remind citizens that drinking while operating the vehicles can be dangerous, especially since they are not built to withstand crashes.

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