Video: Drunk Park Ranger Charges Wild Elephant

By Bryan Le 05/13/13

A field guide at a South African national park is lucky the stunt only cost him his job.

The elephant got the last laugh. Photo via

Getting drunk at the workplace can cause trouble with coworkers—but especially if your coworker is a 15,000 pound pachyderms. A video (below), taken at Kruger National Park in South Africa, shows a presumably intoxicated off-duty field guidecharging at a wild elephant, as his beer-wielding buddies egg him on. The elephant holds its ground at first, as the man stumbles and falls. But after the drunk recovers and charges a second time, he (surprisingly) sends the giant animal packing. In response, the Singita Group, the eco-tourism outfit who employ the man in the video, have sent him packing. “The guide involved in the confrontation is no longer employed by Singita and further disciplinary procedures are in progress with regard to others involved," says a response issued on the group's Facebook page. They describe the video as “disturbing," and claim the elephant was "extremely agitated by the confrontation and retreated into the bush.” Visitors have been banned from using alcohol at the park since 2011, following complaints about drunk visitors knocking down animals, littering and disturbing wildlife.

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