Drunk Driver Rams Cop Car, Crashes into River

By Brent McCluskey 01/12/15

John Kellum made sure that his fifth DUI arrest was a good one.

Car crash

A Massachusetts drunk driver went on a driving rampage last week, ramming into a Melrose police cruiser before ultimately driving into a river.

John Kellum, 42, was in his pickup truck early Sunday morning when he smashed into two parked vehicles. When Melrose police officers responded to the scene, Kellum tried smashing into them as well.

Melrose Police Chief Michael Lyle said Kellum, a “known” offender, drove straight towards the police cruisers. He struck one cruiser and aimed towards another, but the officer swerved his car at the last moment, narrowly avoiding a collision.

Kellum’s tires were blown out, but he still continued driving. He lost control and drove into a river before exiting his car and wading through the waist-deep water. He was arrested for his fifth DUI and transported to an area hospital.

Chief Lyle lauded the officers’ actions, commending them for placing the public’s safety first. 

“This was an extremely dangerous situation, in which a habitual offender with no valid driver’s license allegedly tried to run down police officers while he was under the influence of alcohol,” Lyle said. “I am proud of the way my officers handled themselves, putting the safety of innocent residents above their own.”

Kellum was charged with driving under the influence, operating to endanger, failure to stop for police, assault and battery with a motor vehicle, and leaving the scene of an accident.

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