Video: Oblivious Drunk Relaxes in Burning Car

By Will Godfrey 12/30/11

A cop has trouble convincing a driver of the wisdom of leaving his burning car.

"He never realized...that his car went up in
flames," said the officer.
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A driver who was allegedly so drunk that he didn't realize his car had burst into flames was saved by a fearless police officer yesterday morning. Alan Edward Blake, 32, was found sitting in his parked Pontiac Bonneville in Grand Rapids, Michigan at 4:18 am. Smoke was billowing from the engine and sleepless neighbors said it had been revving for an hour. Veteran cop Eric Hornbacher approached and ordered him out, before memorably exclaiming: “Turn around and look. Your car is burning. Are you that drunk that you did not realize your car was on fire and that you were sitting in a burning car?” Police believe Blake fell asleep with his foot on the gas, causing the engine to race and catch fire. He spent the night in jail and faces a DUI charge. His lucky escape is a timely warning, as ER doctors brace themselves for the inevitable human cost of widespread drunk driving this New Year's Eve.

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