"Joint" Returns Get Tax Pro Busted

By McCarton Ackerman 04/18/12

A tax preparer is arrested on deadline day for helping to hide the truth about drug dealers' incomes.

Drug money has a respectability problem.
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It seems Sarah Palin isn't the only questionable woman to come out of Wasilla. 37-year-old Rebecca Renae Powell, the owner of AK Contractors Bookkeeping Services, was fittingly arrested this Tax Day for allegedly preparing false tax returns for drug dealers and helping them hide their black market proceeds. Few details are known about the men, only identified as "D.J." and "D.H," but it's reported that Powell concealed D.J.'s income from growing and selling marijuana since 2003 and D.H.'s income from selling pot and heroin since 2007. The charges say that Powell "fabricated both income and expense figures and created false invoices, bills of sale, and other documents designed to substantiate the fabricated figures in the event of an audit or other inquiry," and that she was knowledgeable of the drug dealer's true earnings. "The problem with drug dealers is they have all this cash they want to get into the legitimate banking system," says Assistant US Attorney Thomas Bradley. "They want houses, they want cars. They have real income, but they have to make it look legitimate so they can get house loans and car loans."

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