High Couple "Googled How to Kill" Their Victim

By Will Herbst 06/06/12

After getting high, a Florida couple apparently decided to research how to murder a young woman for drug money.

High murderers' logic? Photo via

It's a grisly piece of evidence that taking drugs really might not make you any smarter: Fort Lauderdale Police say that James Ayers, 32, and Nicole Okrzesik, 23, made the mistake of Google-searching how to commit murder, just minutes before strangling their sleeping friend to death…so they could rob her for drug money. The victim, 19 year-old Juliana Mensch, had got high with the Florida couple on an unspecified drug and passed out on the floor of their home. Okrzesik apparently then embarked on an internet search of terms including: "chemicals to passout a person," “ways to kill people in their sleep,” “how to suffocate someone” and “how to poison someone.” Even more astonishingly, police say that Okrzesik created a forum on GoLivewire.com, entitled “could you kill someone in their sleep and no one would think it was murder?” Hours after the couple allegedly committed the crime, they posted a photo of themselves online, partying the night away at a South Beach bar. The next day, they debated what to do with Mensch’s body via Facebook. Ayers has now been charged with first-degree murder and is set to appear in court on June 25, while Okrzesik faces a grand jury tomorrow.

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