Video: Drug Busts Enrage Small Town

By McCarton Ackerman 03/14/12

People in the town of Ferriday, Louisiana complain that a recent drug swoop makes it harder for them to sell their own substances.

Ferriday suffers from high levels of poverty.
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A drug bust that led to over 30 arrests in the town of Ferriday, Louisiana last week has met with anger from residents who claim the arrests make it harder for them to sell their own drugs. The arrests, which were for selling crack, cocaine, marijuana and firearms in the neighborhood, followed a yearlong multi-agency investigation. "You have to realize, we don't have no jobs around here or nothing," says resident Derrick Brown to local news outlet KALB. "Every time we try to make a little something to get on our feet or try to feed our family, [the police] come kicking the doors in and knocking us back down again." The video [below] has spread online to the point where Ferriday Mayor Glen McGlothin has accused KALB's reporter of sensationalism. But former narcotics cop and current executive director of Law Enforcement Against Prohibition Neil Franklin says the town's outlook isn't unusual. "This is an economic issue," he notes. "In communities like this, there is no opportunity for employment or education. If there are no jobs, what do you expect they'll do?" Approximately 47% of Ferriday's residents live below the poverty line.

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