Drug Addict Banned From Every Store in City

By McCarton Ackerman 01/25/12

A Scottish woman who used kids to help her shoplift may only enter the pharmacy where she gets her methadone.

Stores in Perth are barred to
Jessie Hendry.
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A drug addict who funded her habit by using two kids under the age of seven to shoplift has been banned from every store in the city of Perth, Scotland as part of the terms of her bail. The only store she may now enter is the pharmacy where she picks up her methadone prescription. Jessie Hendry, 30, was seen removing security tags from DVDs at a store in July 2011 and giving them to the children to conceal. She also pleaded guilty to a theft two weeks ago, where she filled a suitcase with 49 items of adult and children’s clothing worth around $605. “You have had a considerable number of custodial sentences which don’t appear to be working," said Sheriff Marion McDonald in court. "I am going to give you one opportunity to try an alternative method.” Defense lawyer Cliff Culley told the court that Hendry wanted to address her addiction and that her drug worker had noted a change in attitude.

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