Drones Deliver Booze in South Africa

By Bryan Le 04/26/13

Attendees at a summer music festival will have their beers dropped from unmanned planes.

beer drone.png
Preparing for liftoff! Photo via

To keep attendees liquored up at the OppiKoppi music festival in South Africa this August, there will be an unmanned "drone" on hand to deliver booze from the sky. Partygoers will be able to phone in their orders, and the drone will pass over and drop the beers from tiny parachutes on to the District 9 camp site. “This is the sort of ordinance drones should really deliver all over the world,” reads the drone makers' description on YouTube. Although this is the first known use of drones to deliver booze, a taco delivery service recently attempted to use a similar system in San Francisco, but the operation was grounded under FAA regulations. Check out a video of the beer-dropping drone below:

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