Video: Kentucky Town Defaced by Drink Debate

By May Wilkerson 06/13/12

As a vote on a county-wide booze ban approaches, both sides resort to vandalism to make their point.

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Pro-drinkers and no-drinkers battle it out.

A debate over whether to permit alcohol sales in Marshall County, Kentucky, has turned vicious and is "starting to tear at the fabric of the community," say local newscasters. Locals will vote July 17 on whether or not to lift a county-wide drinking ban—and supporters of both sides of the argument have taken to destroying and stealing each others' "Vote Yes" and "Vote No" signs. Even a local Baptist church has been pelted with eggs for displaying anti-drinking signs—which were also stolen. "It's been ugly," says Sissy Womack of the "Vote Yes" side (in favor of lifting the ban): "I been told to leave town, pack my bags, keep my mouth shut." Mylon Smith, of the "Vote No" side, is angry about his stolen signs, but believes the divine prosecutor will intervene: "God will take care of them. Vengeance is his. That ain't for us to handle."

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