"Drink Your Carbs," Says New Website

By Jason Gotlieb 12/07/11

A site launched in time for the holiday season gives dieting advice that's reckless at best.

Dangerous in more ways than one Photo via
A website that launched this week recommends a regimen that allows dieters to lose weight while drinking heavily—nothing irresponsible there, then. DrinkYourCarbs.com dubs itself "The Drinker's Diet" and admits that the entire thing originally "started as a joke." And some of the advice offered certainly continues in that tone: "Forget the cake. It is rarely worth the calories. But do tell me what you have on tap behind the bar." Dirk in Denver, who apparently lost 25 pounds this way, says, "Drink Your Carbs is so much more enjoyable than true dieting." The site offers some seemingly healthy exercise tips but stands accused of promoting drunkorexia. We all know that alcohol can be dangerous enough anyway. But drinking on an empty stomach and drinking instead of eating can greatly increase the risk of "short- and long-term cognitive problems including difficulty concentrating, studying and making decisions," according to a University of Missouri study. In the booze-soaked holiday season, this is one website we could do without—although if you do feel like drinking some carbs, smoothies come highly recommended.
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