Dr. Drew Issues Casting Call to Addicts

By Sam Lansky 01/24/12

The application website for Rehab With Dr Drew goes live, looking for entertaining "real" addicts for Pinksy's upcoming show.

Dr. Drew will no doubt choose carefully.
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TV addiction expert Dr. Drew has already announced details of his new VH1 series, Rehab With Dr. Drew, which follows a similar trajectory to Celebrity Rehab but—plot twist!—this time, the people aren’t famous. Now, the show has begun casting, with a website set up to recruit active addicts looking for a way out. “If you are ready to fight to take your life back into your own hands, I’m hoping to find you!” says executive casting director Doron Ofir. “Your story can be someone else’s hope.” The application looks exhaustive, with questions like, “How do you party?” “What is the most extreme thing you have done to feed your addiction?”, and, most tellingly, “Finish this line: The party doesn’t end until...” In this case, that sentence could probably be finished, “...I get sober on national television.”

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