Denver Post Hires First-Ever 'Weed Style Writer'

By McCarton Ackerman 01/15/15

Style writer Katie Shapiro will join marijuana editor Ricardo Baca in making history at the Denver Post.

Marijuana themed shoes
Marijuana fashion. Photo via

Katie Shapiro will be writing for The Cannabist, the Denver Post website dedicated to all things green. The freelance writer will now be contributing articles that make the connection between pot and fashion.

Among the content that Shapiro writes will be a regular Q&A column called Shop Sesh, where she visits creative professionals who smoke pot as part of their process. She contributed gift guide roundups last month that included, “Green Gifts Under $100,” as well as holiday shopping options for the “High Roller” and “Superfly Stoner” in your life.

“I think the most basic comparison [between the two is] that fashion is fueled by creativity and for some, marijuana can fuel creativity,” said Shapiro. “Marijuana has always had its place in culture—especially among art, music, and fashion. But now that it’s legal, it will be interesting to see how the fashion industry will embrace it—there’s a huge opportunity to blend the two."

Shapiro said her goal is to help people realize that marijuana can help inspire the creation of beautiful work. She said her interviews and roundups are designed to "elevate the often negative stereotype of "stoner" culture, whether it's a designer that's putting a beautiful spin on the pot leaf, luxury smoking accessories or profiling successful creative types that are proud pot smokers.

The Denver Post’s marijuana coverage has resembled what one would find in any standard newspaper, ranging from world news related to the subject to opinion pieces on the best strands from “pot critic” Jake Browne. Marijuana editor Ricardo Baca said that his goal isn’t to take sides on subjects related to pot, but to simply present the facts and let readers decide for themselves.

“A lot of weed culture is the same across the world in terms of how we partake, whether it’s a concert or group of friends at home. But aspects like buying weed are specific not only to the city or town, but even down to the dispensary,” said Baca in an exclusive interview with The Fix in December 2013.

“We want to look at the culture of cannabis outside of our state, but we do take pride in being from Denver," he continued. "We’re not here to say if legal marijuana is good or bad, but it’s a part of our state and a part of life here that needs to be reported on and addressed.”

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