Denver Police Department Tweets Support for 4/20

By McCarton Ackerman 04/22/15

Monday's 4/20 rally drew an estimated 125,000 people.

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Times sure are a-changing. On Monday, the Denver Police Department tweeted their support of those out celebrating unofficial worldwide pot holiday, 4/20: “We see you rollin, but we ain't hatin’ HAHA ... Seriously though, #Denver, please remember to #ConsumeResponsibly this 4/20 weekend.”

The groundbreaking tweet, which riffed on the lyrics to Chamillionaire's "Dirty," a song about racial profiling by police, shows how marijuana law enforcement is evolving in the age of legalization.

Denver’s annual 4/20 rally in a public park drew an estimated 125,000 people on Monday, who browsed marijuana-themed merchandise, attended a free concert by rapper Rick Ross, and shared their enthusiasm for pot. Many, of course, chose to light up.

But even the relatively liberal Denver police department haven’t gone entirely lax on pot enforcement. They later tweeted that they issued approximately 100 citations yesterday for public marijuana use. Though the state legalized recreational marijuana for adults in 2012, it is illegal to use it in public. The guidelines also prevent driving under the influence of pot, selling or giving it to minors, or transporting weed out of state.

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