Dentist Does Lines of Coke Before Work

By McCarton Ackerman 02/24/12

Dr. Anthony Monteleone drugged himself before getting his hands on patients' teeth.

Dr. Monteleone admitted to using marijuana,
Xanax and cocaine.
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This won't do much for a few phobias: when patients opened wide for Pennsylvania dentist Dr. Anthony Monteleone, both parties had mouth-numbing substances in their systems. The 52-year-old was busted Wednesday for doing lines of cocaine outside his office right before treating his patients. Undercover agents arrested Monteleone in the back parking lot of his office, Katsur Dental and Orthodontics in Edgewood, after an officer observed what appeared to be drug use outside of his car—before finding marijuana and Xanax inside of it. A witness had filed a complaint about the dentist's drug use the day before. Monteleone admitted to using marijuana, Xanax and cocaine over a period of time. "People are going to doctors and dentists and expecting to have someone work on them that isn’t under the influence of drugs or impaired in any fashion," says Edgewood Police Chief Robert Payne—not unreasonably. A criminal background check on Monteleone revealed prior drug, tax evasion and conspiracy charges.

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