Demi Moore's Red Bull Addiction

By Anna David 02/01/12

The troubled actress is reportedly hooked the world's most popular energy drink.

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To know about Demi Moore is to know that she likes her Red Bull. And much of the online discussion about her recent hospitalization has focused on her relationship with the sugary drink, which contains roughly as much caffeine as a cup of coffee. Supposedly drinking it both for energy and to curb her appetite, Moore had reportedly maxed out at eight cans a day—roughly triple the recommended daily caffeine limit—before she began weaning herself off with coconut water. The Daily Beast is running a very thorough examination by Anneli Rufus of Moore’s potential Red Bull addiction today—pointing out that the drink can lead to seizure but isn’t technically addictive. “You can say: Does Demi Moore have an addiction? No,” they quote Brad Anderson, the chief of the Department of Addiction Medicine at Kaiser Permanente Northwest as saying. “Does she have a bad habit? Yes. Just because it’s not an addiction doesn’t mean she shouldn’t stop doing it.” Rufus notes that you can "Ask any anorexic: sweetness satisfies"—which is notable when Moore has been attracting headlines about her potential anorexia since she stepped onto the red carpet looking noticeably thin in October. A January 2012 study in the Advances in Psychiatric Treatment journal points out that “Clinical experience suggests that people with eating disorders such as bulimia nervosa and anorexia nervosa often consume large quantities of drinks containing caffeine, in the belief that caffeine increases metabolic rate and suppresses appetite.” It also notes that “surprisingly, caffeine consumption in people with eating disorders has received little attention.” Until now, of course.

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