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Defense Attorney for Pill Mill Doc Arrested for Selling Painkillers

By Shawn Dwyer 12/30/13

Well-known lawyer sold oxycodone to an undercover cop the day after seeing his client prosecuted for illegally selling pain pills.

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Turns out you better not call Saul.

Gregory Robert Noonan, a Montgomery County, PA attorney who represented a physician charged with illegally distributing prescription pain pills just last month, has himself been charged with selling painkillers to an undercover Philadelphia police officer.

According to reports, Noonan was arrested within days of the high-profile trial after selling 179 oxycodone pills at $15 a pop to the undercover officer. A month later, the two arranged another meeting where Noonan sold the cops another 180 pills for some $3,200. He was arrested after the sale and was held up as an example of how the county is trying to battle the growing opiate abuse epidemic. “We are seeing a dramatic trend in Montgomery County of rising opiate abuse in both children and adults. We must stop this dangerous trend,” said District Attorney Risa Vetri Ferman. “One of my priorities is to investigate and prosecute prescription pill traffickers. As you can see from this arrest of a lawyer and our recent successful prosecution of a doctor, no one is above the law, no matter what occupation they hold.”

Back in November, Noonan represented Dr. Richard R. Ruth in a well publicized trial that saw the physician and his son convicted of running a so-called pill mill. “They decimated a community by bringing people into their office, getting them addicted to drugs, which caused havoc in numerous people’s lives and families have been decimated because of their actions out of greed,” said Assistant District Attorney Kevin R. Steele.

At the time, Noonan put the blame for writing some 1,800 oxycodone prescriptions in less than one year squarely on the patients. “He took their word. He screwed up,” Noonan said. “He trusted them but that does not make Dr. Ruth a criminal. Are you going to fault him for trusting his patients?”

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Shawn Dwyer is a writer, editor and content producer living in Los Angeles. You can find him on Linkedin.

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