Oregonian Creates Beer for Dogs

By Sarah Beller 01/07/13

A beer-loving dog-owner markets "Dawg Grog," a non-alcoholic brew for canines.

Hair of the dog? Photo via

In what sounds like a scene lifted from the show Portlandia, Oregonian man Daniel Keeton has created "Dawg Grog," a beer marketed towards canines. The innovative Keeton, who works at the microbrewerey Boneyard Beer, felt sad that his beloved pooch couldn't knock back a few brewskies with her owner. So he decided to make Lola her own (non-alcoholic) pooch hooch. And he found that just like her owner, "she's never walked away" from a refreshing bowl of beer. When Keeton saw how much his dog loved it, he decided to market it to other dog and beer lovers. Advertised as "a healthy, nutritional, liquid treat for your best friend," the brew is concocted from the spent grain from Boneyard. It also has organic low-sodium vegetable broth, "Central Oregon water," and a glucosamine supplemental powder that includes ginger, cinnamon, flax seed and honey. The beverage is packaged in 16 oz. plastic amber tinted bottles, and is meant to be served as a treat, or poured on a dog's food. Dawg Grog can be purchased (at a whopping $36 per six-pack) alongside local beer at a liquor store in Bend, Oregon. Alcoholic beer is not safe for dogs. 

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