David Bowie Wishes He Never Did Drugs

By McCarton Ackerman 01/22/13

Rock icon David Bowie says he ignored advice not to do drugs—and it nearly killed him.

David Bowie Drugs
Bowie finally kicked cocaine in the 70's.
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When it comes to drugs, David Bowie wishes he had heeded the warnings from others during his youth. The British rock icon, who recently released his first single in a decade Where Are We Now?, says he was told not to do drugs at age 18, but he ignored the advice. "Before I took them, when I took them and afterwards. Every time, that advice was right," says the musician. Bowie, now 66, says that drugs soon "took over" his life and drove him to contemplate suicide at age 28 while living in LA. "I really did think that my thoughts about not making 30 would come true," he recalls. "Drugs had taken my life away from me. I felt as though I would probably die and it was going to be all over." He credits his assistant, Coco, for getting him out of America and relocating to Berlin, where he ultimately kicked his drug habit. Bowie battled cocaine addiction throughout much of the '70s and used the drug to fuel his energy level on stage. He says he hasn't touched the drug since the late '70s, when he was given custody of his son.

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