Video: How to Use Drugs "Correctly"

By Bryan Le 03/11/13

A controversial Danish campaign educates young drug users on safer practices.

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A controversial Danish campaign, Styr Pa Stoffer, encourages young people to use drugs...correctly. "Are you sure you know what you're doing?" asks one ad (below), in which a partier attempts to suck cocaine through his mouth, while another “corrects” him by mixing the drug into a drink. The goal is to direct young drug users to the website run by a Danish harm reduction organization, where they can learn safe and correct usage. The site (readable via Google Translate) advises drug users to maintain a "positive" mental state, surround themselves with people they trust and ensure the product is safe by sourcing from a reliable dealer. It also advises users against mixing substances and suggests waiting for a drug to kick in, instead of rushing to get high by consuming more. Some have praised the campaign's progressive approach. "Your campaign is a healthy sign. Rarely have I been so proud to live in Denmark!" says one YouTube commenter. "Truth rather than fear and misinformation. Thank you!" But many are critical. The group's Facebook page is awash with negative commentary, with some claiming it encourages drug use. Others say that the campaign is not progressive enough, and has an overall anti-drug message. What do you think?

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