Dan Rather Said Heroin Gave Him 'A Hell Of A Headache'

By McCarton Ackerman 01/10/14

Rather's experimentation with the drug in 1955 was under police supervision and done as research for a story.

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What else has he "researched"?
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Former CBS Evening News anchor Dan Rather has done it all for the sake of reporting, including trying heroin. In a recent interview on Watch What Happens Live, Rather told Bravo host Andy Cohen that he took the drug as “part of a story” back in 1955. But while that experience could have led to addiction for some people, the veteran reporter insisted that he never wanted to use the drug again.

“Let the record show I did this in the police station under police supervision, which is the one and only time,” he said. “It gave me a hell of a headache.”

Rather explained to Business Insider in 2012 that he was covering a story on people who had been arrested for heroin possession, but none of the cops he spoke to could actually explain the effects of the drugs. “I said it would be a good story to get some heroin, [though] I had no idea how to get it, and then describe how you feel. And so I did that with the help of the police in the police station,” he said. “They injected me at the police station and I made notes as best as I could have, of what the effects were. And we produced a series of 'This is what heroin is; This is why people take it.'"

In 2010, Rather received rave reviews for his investigation into counterfeit pills infiltrating the prescription drug market on his AXS TV show Dan Rather Reports.

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