Crocs Co-Founder in Crazy DUI Arrest

By May Wilkerson 08/14/12

The soused shoe inventor treats cops to an expletive-packed rant—and outlandish claims about his famous "girlfriend."

Boedecker's excuse was full of holes.
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When it comes to America's messiest DUI arrests, Mel Gibson may have met his match. The man who invented Crocs shoes was arrested for a DUI on Saturday, and the events that unfolded were—much like the brightly-colored foam sandals—utterly surreal. George Boedecker, the 51-year-old co-founder of the Crocs empire, was "drunk as crap" reported medics, when he was found asleep at the wheel of his Porsche in Boulder, Colorado. He refused a sobriety test and gave a strange excuse for his behavior, claiming his "batsshit crazy" supposed "girlfriend," country singer Taylor Swift, had been driving his car. There was no evidence of Swift's involvement in the incident. When asked for his address, the millionaire mogul reportedly told cops, "I have 17 fucking homes" before advising them to: "Go fuck yourselves in the ass." The foul-mouthed Boedecker was arrested once before in 2006, for threatening a family member.

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