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By Maer Roshan 05/22/11

Rock's troubled icon rages on about drugs, sex, rehab, plutocrats, Kurt Cobain, Andre Balazs, Gwyneth Paltrow, and snorting coke up Pamela Anderson's ass. (And that's just Part One.)

The Survivor: Courtney Love's most Intimate Interview Ever.

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What do you do, then?

Well, for the past few years I was taking lots of Adderall, a drug that was legitimately prescribed to me by a respectable physician. But after Britney freaked out a couple of years ago, and her toxicology report said she was taking a much lower dose than I was, I decided to get off that shit. I knew I had to work a serious program again.

What does a serious program mean to you?

It's complicated. I was arguing with some guy the other day—a sober scion of a very wealthy English family. He's always righteously lecturing me about abstinence, abstinence, abstinence. After a few hours of this I got angry and screamed, "Get away from me you dumb British fuck! You probably were just out chasing the dragon!” I mean, abstinence is a nice idea but I don’t know if it’s right for everyone. Especially for someone who was nursed on a steady diet of Valium and Ritalin from the time I was eight, thanks to my fine mother.

Your mother fed you Valium when you were eight years old? Why? Were you a really bad girl?

No. I was impeccably behaved when I was eight. But my mother wasn't exactly an exemplary parent. Time magazine did a list of the worst celebrity parents of all time. Marvin Gaye's dad was number one, and my father and mother were number two and three. I'm sure I was number four. [laughs]

You know what's funny? People in the flyover states tend to think that all the celebrities on both coasts are constantly high. They think that we're all on some uber-drug. But the thing is, they're kind of right. But somehow most of them manage to function, more or less. The biggest celebrities and movers and shakers I know are also some of the worst alcoholics and drug addicts. But you'd never know it by looking at them. Now that I’m trying to stay sober, I try my best to stay away from that crowd, but it’s not always easy. These days, I’m very virginal when it comes to drugs.

Virginal? Really? I'm not sure that's the first word I'd use to describe you.

Shut Up! I’m trying to get it together. It’s no secret that I’m looking to fall in love again. I’d like to find a guy who’s more settled and older. But I still have some standards, you know. I’m an alpha female, so I can’t have a troll for a boyfriend.

I tried the male model thing a few months ago. He was this young Dutch guy, and his friends thought he was lying about dating me, so he went to Page Six and furnished them with a photo of us. But it didn't work out. So then he went back to Page Six and told them, “I’m not dating Courtney Love, I have another girlfriend in Holland.” It all was such a bore. 

What’s a bore? Disingenuous Dutch models?

No, I love Dutch models, but I think casual sex is beneath me. I’ve been really open about all the sexual aspects of my life, particularly when it comes to these showboats who love to be talked about, people like Billy Corgan. But beneath all my bluster, I’m deeply, deeply romantic—and also deeply wounded and traumatized. Did you watch the Behind the Music episode on me?

Yeah. It was one of their highest rated shows ever. Were you happy about it?

It was okay. The second hour was a huge waste of time, in my opinion.

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