South African Cops Get Accidentally High on the-Job

By Mei Schultz 07/17/13

Nine officers got "high as kites" off muffins they didn't realize were loaded with cannabis.

Officers claim they were unaware the muffins
contained drugs.

This past 4th of July, nine on-duty cops in South Africa were rushed to a nearby hospital after reportedly consuming some baked goods that they "didn't realize" contained cannabis, local media reports. The officers were celebrating a colleague's birthday during their night shift at the Montclair police station when they began acting paranoid and were rushed to a nearby hospital. Those who became ill had eaten some muffins brought over by a constable. They were reportedly unaware the muffins contained hidden drugs and were "confused and couldn't explain what they were feeling." "They were all high as kites," a source tells the New York Daily News. "One of the members just sat in a corner and was laughing for no reason." While Col. Jay Naicker dismissed the incident as suspected food poisoning, others on the force called the night an “open secret.” "How can they say it was food poisoning when the members were laughing their heads off for no reason?" says an inside source, "Everyone who works at Montclair knows what went on that night."

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