Colorado Issues New Regulations for Marijuana Industry

By Brent McCluskey 10/01/14

The new regulations will equalize THC levels in edibles and restrict cultivation, and that has some store owners worried.

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The state of Colorado released a new set of rules last Thursday that will affect certain aspects of the state’s marijuana industry.

Issued by Colorado’s Marijuana Enforcement Divison (MED), the new standards ratchet down on health and safety training for marijuana vendors, normalize the amount of THC allowed in any given edible product, and impose more stringent rules for cultivation. 

One of the new rules nullifies a previous proposal to cut production caps in indoor warehouses in half, while another mandates a maximum dose of 10 milligrams of THC per serving for all edibles.

“So that could be something as small as a peanut butter cup or bonbon or as large as a soda,” said Mark Slaugh, CEO of iComply. “If there is more than one serving in the product, it has to be easily identified.”

Colorado has issued a total of 18,666 marijuana occupational licenses, and many like Slaugh are happy with the tighter regulations.

“I think the new rules make a lot of sense,” said Slaugh. “We’re putting out consumer education and teaching business owners and workers how to be responsible vendors, form a business decision, it’s a no-brainer.”

But other retailers like medical marijuana store owner Brian Ruden expressed concern about the increased taxes and fees associated with the new rules.

“I already spend a small fortune every month testing, and that is only going up because of all the other things they are testing,” said Ruden. “I’m excited for more responsible regulation, but frustrated with the expenses, the licensing fees, taxes, and testing.”

Overall, the new rules are intended to help legitimate marijuana vendors provide a safer, more standardized product.

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