Bret Easton Ellis Calls Out Kirsten Dunst at Cannes

By Anna David 05/25/11

Brett Easton Ellis tweeted: “Kirsten Dunst looked a lot sadder when I ran out of coke at an Oscar party 5 years ago than at the Von Trier press conference at Cannes”

The director and star share a moment.
Photo via filmofilia

Melancholia director Lars Von Trier appalled most everyone last week at the press conference for his award-winning movie at the Cannes Film Festival when he expressed compassion  toward Adolf Hitler by saying, “I think I understand the man…and I sympathize with him a little bit.” His star, Kirsten Dunst, gazed on, understandably, in horror. But Less Than Zero author and well-established chemical imbiber Bret Easton Ellis wasn’t about to let the controversy end there. Instead he tweeted last Friday, “Kirsten Dunst looked a lot sadder when I ran out of coke at an Oscar party 5 years ago than at the Von Trier press conference at Cannes”—a sentiment that was then re-tweeted by 100 of his followers.
The admittedly catty comment is interesting in the light of Dunst’s trip to Cirque Lodge back in 2008, which she later claimed was for depression and not addiction issues. She’s certainly had her wild nights since then.

Ellis’ tweet didn’t go unnoticed in the blogosphere (Richard Rushfield, who profiled Dunst for The Daily Beast, penned an open response to the author). Dunst has refrained from sharing her thoughts on Ellis’ potential overshare but one thing’s for certain: if Hitler were still alive, he’d probably have told all involved to put aside the coke for meth.

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