CNN Reporter Clearly High While Talking to Anderson Cooper

By Shawn Dwyer 01/16/14

A rather giggly Randi Kaye tried to keep it together on AC360 while reporting live from Colorado.

A non-stoned Kaye on CNN. Photo via

In what Anderson Cooper called the "greatest live hit that was ever on the program,” CNN reporter Randi Kaye delivered a euphoric report about the new marijuana trade happening in Colorado.

Kaye spent an entire week in The Centennial State and delivered stories on AC360 covering various marijuana-related topics for the show’s “Gone to Pot” segment. Near the end of the week, however, Kaye rode around Denver in a stretch limousine on a so-called marijuana tour. Hours spent breathing in heavy amounts of pot smoke with the windows rolled up left the typically professional Kaye a little looser than usual, as she and Cooper chuckled about her “extensive research” that resulted in a “contact high.”

Kaye reported that her “brain was a little fuzzy,” to which an amused Cooper responded, “Really?” Kaye continued to laugh, as she relayed the effects of her experience. "I couldn’t remember even some of the questions that I wanted to ask in the interview, which has never happened to me when I’m reporting in the field,” she said. “And I found things to be really funny, much funnier than I normally do, so I think we got a little bit of a contact high there.”

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