Cinderella and Snow White Get Pinched

By Adam K. Raymond 04/04/11

When pages from a coloring book make their way into prison cells, it's typically so they can be tacked on the walls alongside posters of Raquel Welch (prisoners love her, right?) and tally marks carved into the concrete. But a few inmates in New Jersey recently tried to get their hands on pages of Cinderella and Snow White so they could lick them. The pages, you see, were painted with a paste made from Suboxone, a narcotic that's typically used to treat opiate addiction—but can also be used to get high. The plot to smuggle the drug-laced cartoons into the Cape May prison was thwarted after mail room employees spotted the orange-hued substance, which they'd been trained to watch for, on coloring book pages addressed to several inmates. The cleverly disguised pages, which were colored with crayons, included the words "To Daddy" and one was signed "EmmaLee."

"In my 38 years of law enforcement, I've never seen anything like this," Cape May County Sheriff Gary Schaffer said last week. The three inmates and their formerly-free loved ones have all been charged. EmmaLee remains at large.

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