Celebrity Roundup: March 9, 2012

By Sam Lansky 03/09/12

Demi Lovato talks candidly about her bulimia struggles, Demi Moore's daughter endorses Adderall and Lindsay Lohan is accused of plastic surgery addiction.

Scout Willis didn't mean it. Photo via

All eyes were on Demi Moore  recently following her drug-related hospitalization last month, there’s a new member of her clan in the spotlight: Scout Willis, Demi’s 20-year-old daughter with Bruce. Scout, currently a student at Brown University, has tweeted messages like “Why worry about school? Just take an adderall, make lists, smoke too many cigarettes and voila, panic attacks and straight A's here I come." But Scout’s rep explains that the Twitter account was just a “culture jam” for a course assignment on culture media.

Troubled starlet Demi Lovato has taken her share of knocks in the press, with recent rehab rumors abounding, but a new MTV special aired this week sheds some light on her recovery and the challenges facing her. “I cannot tell you that I have not thrown up since treatment. I cannot tell you that I have not cut myself since treatment. I'm not perfect,” she admitted.

When Lindsay Lohan took to the stage of SNL last weekend, it was hard to notice that her face looks dramatically different—and RadarOnline’s plastic surgeon claims that her aggressive facial work may point to plastic surgery addiction. Just what she needs.

Pattie Malette is best known as the woman who brought Justin Bieber into the world (and held his hand as he made his way through along the treacherous road to stardom), but she’s got a thorny past of her own. Which she plans to capitalize on in her upcoming memoir, Nowhere But Up: The Story of Justin Bieber’s Mom. (Seriously.) The book will discuss the “trauma, abuse and addiction that marked her early childhood and young adult years.” It will also feature a foreword by the Biebz himself.

Reality star and web personality Tila Tequila made headlines this week after a suicide attempt left her hospitalized with a brain aneurysm. Now she’s headed to rehab to treat her psychiatric issues and substance abuse. No word yet on where she’s headed, but here’s hoping there are no cameras there. 

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