Celebrity Roundup: June 22, 2012

By Sam Lansky 06/22/12

Lindsay Lohan jeopardizes her Liz & Dick contract, Russell Brand stole liquor, and Nick Stahl's wife calls off the search after he goes missing again.

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Nick Stahl's wife has termintated her search.
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    • Lindsay Lohan Wasn’t Supposed to be Driving at the Time of Car Crash [Complex]
      Yet more trouble for Lindsay Lohan has arrived in the form of potential conflict with the insurance company responsible for insuring her new movie, Liz & Dick. One of their stipulations was that Lohan not be allowed to drive during production, given her history of DUIs and car accidents. Her car crash last week showed her in violation of that agreement, which means the insurer can now cancel the contract—although it remains to be seen if they actually will. One thing’s for sure: the production company has now been very explicit with the troubled starlet that she’s no longer allowed to drive. Someone has to be.


    • Russell Brand: "I Stole Fatboy Slim's Liquor" [The Houston Chronicle]
      Russell Brand may be one of the most famously sober of entertainers, but long before he was Katy Perry’s ex-husband, he was just an MTV presenter stealing from the talent: “We used to nick stuff out of each others' dressing rooms because I was on drugs in the early days,” he says. “We nicked all Fatboy Slim’s stuff, all his booze.” Surely it’s no coincidence that Fatboy Slim—famous for his late ‘90s smash “Praise You”—is sober now, too.


    • Marijuana Plants Found at Rodney King's Home [The Los Angeles Times]
      News of Celebrity Rehab alum Rodney King’s passing last weekend brought new suspicions about his sobriety, compounded by claims from his wife that he'd been drinking and smoking marijuana in the hours preceding his death. Now, photos show police confiscating marijuana plants from King’s Rialto home. “Even though we’re investigating this as an accidental drowning,” says a police spokesman, “we’re looking into every lead."


    • Wife Ending Search for Missing (Again) Actor Nick Stahl [TMZ]
      The ongoing saga of Terminator star Nick Stahl’s mysterious disappearing act took a new twist, after his wife reported that he had gone missing again, a month after he went underground for two weeks and later surfaced to check himself into rehab.  After checking himself out of rehab against doctor's advice, his wife Rose Stahl has decided to call off the search . "I'm backing off," she says. "He knows exactly where home is. It's the loving thing to do for him, myself and our daughter."


    • Drunk Reality Star "Trapper Joe" Tries to Burn Wife With Cigarettes [TMZ]
      A television personality nicknamed Trapper Joe (real name Noces Joseph LaFont Jr.), known for his appearances on the reality series Swamp People, was arrested for assault and battery in Florida on Wednesday after he began arguing with his girlfriend; both were highly intoxicated. Reportedly, LaFont punched his girlfriend in the chest, then attempted to burn her with a lit cigarette. He's now in custody. You stay classy, Florida.
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