Celebrity Roundup: July 20, 2012

By Sam Lansky 07/20/12

Joseph Gordon-Levitt disputes claims that his brother OD'd, Kerry Kennedy pleads not guilty to DUI, and Duran Duran were, shockingly, on coke in the '80s.

Did GQ lie about his brother's OD? Photo via

Chalk it up to semantics, but either way, everyone’s mad after a cover story in GQ about Joseph Gordon-Levitt briefly mentioned the actor’s brother’s 2010 death as being the result of “an alleged drug overdose.” Gordon-Levitt quickly took to Tumblr to call the language “factually inaccurate.” The magazine responded that that the story “sought to be respectful—and brief—in the way it described his death” and that the publication “stands by its reporting, the facts of which are fully supported.” Either way, don’t expect to see JGL on any more GQ covers anytime soon.

Just because Jodie Sweetin is sober doesn’t mean she’s having an easy run. The actress, best-known for her role in Full House, has had her issues with drugs and alcohol well-documented—both by the press and by the star herself in her 2009 memoir unSweetined. She was in a serious car crash in Los Angeles in March 2011, and is now suing the other driver for $25,000, claiming that she suffered damage to her vehicle as well as loss of "earning capacity."

When Kerry Kennedy, the ex-wife of New York governor Andrew Cuomo, was arrested for DUI after a car accident last week, she initially claimed that she’d accidentally taken an Ambien instead of her thyroid medication that morning. Later, when her drug tests came back clean, she claimed that she’d likely had a seizure as a result of earlier neurological damage. Either way, she’s pleading not guilty to the charges—and she’ll probably check which pills she’s taking more carefully from now on.

Eighties rock stars doing coke? Hard to believe, but it’s true, according to Duran Duran’s Andy Taylor, who shares intimate stories of the band’s hard-partying antics in an excerpt from his upcoming book. Now clean and sober, he says sobriety is an ongoing battle: “The addictions are still there, and keeping them at bay requires work.”  

The media frenzy following Michael Jackson’s death made Dr. Arnold Klein a well-known name for all the wrong reasons, but he’s not disappearing from the headlines quietly. New reports have emerged claiming that the Medical Board of California has put the doc under investigation over his participation in Michael Jackson’s declining health, and they’ve now ordered him to see a therapist and undergo drug testing. The doctor is suing to find out why—but given that he’s filed for bankruptcy and had to auction off memorabilia to pay his debts, talking to a mental health professional might not be such a bad thing.

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