Celebrity Roundup: July 13, 2012

By Sam Lansky 07/13/12

Brendan Fraser is sued for drunken assault, Courtney Love's publicist vehemently denies hacker claims, and Jessica Biel says no to "drug fests."

Did Fraser drunkenly assault his producer?
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A producer who worked on Brendan Fraser’s in-development film, The Legend of William Tell, claims that back in July 2011, an “intoxicated” Fraser began to “physically push, verbally threaten, and poke him in the chest repeatedly.” He’s suing Fraser for $25,000 in damages stemming from this and a related incident of alleged violence—but Fraser’s lawyer called the suit “ridiculous and absurd.” Either way, this is one sure way to get Fraser’s name back in the headlines.

Troubled rock star Courtney Love has had even more public scandals than expected lately (including conflict with The Fix over the e-book, Courtney Comes Clean). And it doesn’t seem to be getting any easier, with her ex-assistant filing a wrongful termination suit against Love, claiming that Love asked her to hire a hacker to tamper with business records while she was an employee. Love’s beleaguered publicist, however, denies all, insisting: “The allegations are completely unfounded and are being made with malice by a disgruntled former employee.” 

It’s been a year since Amy Winehouse’s death, but her mother, Janis Winehouse, says that her grief hasn’t gotten any easier—although she takes some unusual reincarnation-based solace. “I'm pretty sure she has come back as a butterfly,” Winehouse said, “because she would love the freedom of flying."

Cat Cora, the celebrity chef known for her appearances on Iron Chef America and as the host of Around the World in 80 Plates, was busted for a DUI last month while driving through Santa Barbara, after she rear-ended another vehicle and police found her showing signs of intoxication. She failed two breathalyzer tests—blowing more than double the legal limit—before she was taken to a local hospital and cited for drinking and driving. Maybe she should steer clear of the wine pairings.

One starlet who claims to be avoiding the Hollywood hard-partying scene? Jessica Biel, who says she’s the first to exit a party if it’s getting too wild. “If there is a huge drug fest happening and everyone is getting it on in the bedroom,” she says, “it is probably time to leave." Good advice, but we’re assuming that Justin Timberlake’s well-known love of marijuana doesn’t count.

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