Celebrity Roundup: August 10, 2012

By Sam Lansky 08/10/12

Teen Mom's Farrah Abraham is accused of Adderall and Xanax abuse, Jessica Simpson goes teetotal post-baby, and entertainment CEO Jay Penske is arrested for drunkenly urinating on a woman.

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Teen Mom is known for featuring more than its fair share of alcoholics and addicts—among them troubled stars Amber Portwood and Janelle Evans—but another alumna, Farrah Abraham, who claimed to have already come through the woods with her partying days is under fire, with a friend claiming that she’s abusing Adderall and Xanax as well as alcohol. "Farrah said she does Adderall before every event that she attends," the friend reported. Abraham denies the claims—although to be fair, she'd hardly be the only starlet attending high-profile events on Adderall.

Jessica Simpson may be better known now for her fluctuating weight and seemingly endless pregnancy than for her musical career, but the new mom—who gave birth to her first daughter, Maxwell Drew Johnson, three months ago—is sticking to water on Saturday nights. “Responsibility has changed my life!” she tweeted. Then again, this may also have something to do with the lucrative endorsement deal she signed with Weight Watchers to lose her baby weight by the end of August.

Jay Penske—the CEO of PMC (the parent company of Deadline Hollywood and MovieLine), and the son of well-known sports billionaire Roger Penske—was arrested alongside his brother outside a Nantucket yacht club at the end of a wild night of partying, which was punctuated by Jay Penske urinating on a woman in a parking lot. Somebody should have warned him that the “What happens in Vegas...” mentality doesn’t work quite as well in tony Nantucket.

Actress Kristen Bell and her fiancé, actor and comic Dax Shepard, have drastically different philosophies when it comes to drug use: In a new interview with Esquire (via Perez Hilton), Bell claimed that although she’s never even seen cocaine at a party, let alone used it, Shepard is a former drug addict who was once prone to “five- day benders where no one could find him.” Well, opposites attract!

Rocker Rick Springfield—best known for his super-hit “Jessie’s Girl”—managed to avoid serving jail time in the case stemming from his May 2011 DUI arrest, in which he threatened to kill the arresting officer after being pulled over. In exchange for Springfield’s no contest plea, he only has to attend a two-month traffic program, with three years of probation.

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