Celebrity Roundup: April 27, 2012

By Sam Lansky 04/27/12

LiLo's sobriety might signal end of an era, Demi Lovato says being a celebrity got her wasted, and Bobby Brown gets sweet plea deal in DUI case.

End of an era? Photo via

After a decade of hard-living starlets like Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton grabbing headlines for their substance abuse and bad behavior, is that era of excess finally coming to a close? That’s what The Atlantic Wire’s Richard Lawson thinks, explaining that “even [Lindsay Lohan,] the queen bee of celebrity wastoids — specifically young party girl ingenues — doesn't get the press she used to.” We’ll be convinced when more than a few weeks pass without an arrest or scandal.

She’s always been cagey about the particulars of her drug use, but fallen teen queen Demi Lovato got a little more honest about her cocaine use in an interview with Fabulous magazine, saying that she used drugs to “recreate the feeling to stay ‘up’” after the euphoric rush of a big concert. More than that, though, she cites the promoters who supplied her with alcohol at nightclubs and restaurants. “Being a celebrity can be dangerous,” she says. “Nobody says ‘no.’”

After being picked up for DUI in Los Angeles in late March, Bobby Brown has lucked out with a pretty sweet plea deal for the arrest that landed him three years’ probation and a one-day jail sentence. But at sentencing today, the judge ruled that Brown simply needs to enroll in a 90-day alcohol education program and pay a $390 ticket; and he also gets credit for time served toward his 1-day sentence from the time he spent in holding. Not bad!

An entertainment writer named Chris Gardner may have trouble keeping some of his A-list pals if his story continues to blow up — given that it’s a story that involves outing several big stars for their drug use. A writer who has worked for The Hollywood Reporter and Variety, Gardner fell in with the people who he was writing about, and admits he frequently used drugs with them — including Lindsay Lohan and Naomi Campbell. Neither of which, honestly, come as much of a surprise.

Dancing With the Stars breakout Melissa Gilbert has been transparent about her sobriety for many years, but her recent spot on DWTS might be too vivid of a reminder; Gilbert says that her time on the show has been like getting sober. “My emotions are raw and unpredictable. The closest thing I can compare this to emotionally is getting sober,” she said. “I remember those first days, the rush of feelings I was experiencing with no way to shut them off or numb them.”

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