Celeb Rehab Star Accused of Exposing Baby to Meth

Celeb Rehab Star "Exposed Baby to Meth" 

By McCarton Ackerman 07/25/12

Kari Ann Peniche's estranged husband claims their infant son tested positive for the drug.

Things have turned ugly for the former
beauty queen.
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Former Celebrity Rehab cast member Kari Ann Peniche is being accused by her estranged husband Justin Williams of exposing their 10-month old son to meth. Williams claims he took the baby for a hair follicle test after noticing behavior from Peniche that suggested she was using again, and the tests came back positive for the drug. He also said that there is specific evidence to suggest the former beauty queen has used within the last two months. "(The baby) has a habit of sucking on Kari Ann's hair and clothes and I became concerned that he could be affected by drug residue," said Williams in legal documents. "I do not want him to continue to be exposed to smoke from meth or to accidentally ingest illegal drugs while with Kari Ann." The court papers are now demanding sole legal and physical custody for the father and asking for Peniche to be banned from any unsupervised contact with the child. Williams also wants Peniche to submit to weekly drug tests and have her visitation rights revoked entirely if she tests positive. Peniche and her attorneys have yet to comment.

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