Former Celebrity Drug Prosecutor Found Dead

By McCarton Ackerman 07/18/13

David Schubert dies from apparent suicide after serving a prison sentence for crack cocaine.

Schubert in court against Mars. Photo via

A former high-profile drug prosecutor was found dead yesterday of apparent suicide in his Las Vegas home. David Schubert, 49, had recently finished a five-month prison stint last April for crack cocaine possession. The Clark County coroner's office declined to comment on the cause of his death, but his lawyer and friend Lou Schneier says the former prosecutor was sitting in his truck in the garage of his home, with the windows rolled down. Schubert worked as a Clark County prosecutor for 10 years and handled several celebrity drug cases, including those of Paris Hilton and Bruno Mars. However, he resigned in 2011 after being arrested for possession of $40 worth of rock cocaine and an unregistered handgun in his car. Schubert fled to Mexico in order to avoid sentencing before later returning to the US. The judge in his case called him "a disgrace to his oath as a prosecutor and lawyer." Both Hilton and Mars, whom he prosecuted, dodged jail time with plea deals, but Schubert couldn't secure a plea deal for himself. He was kept in solitary confinement because of his history a prosecutor and openly spoke about not being "treated fairly by the system." Police discovered Schubert's body after entering his home due to his failure to attend a check-in with his parole officer. "Dave was extremely angry and despondent over the way he was treated," says Schneier. "It cost him his dignity, his law license and finally, his life."

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