Cat Marnell Lands a Book Deal

By May Wilkerson 04/01/13

The infamous blogger is reportedly being paid $500K to chronicle her drug-fueled exploits.

Marnell is an open book. Photo via

Cat Marnell, former editor and full-time substance abuser, is employed again, having landed a "major" book deal with Simon & Schuster for a reported half-a-million dollars. Marnell first gained a rabid following while blogging candidly about her addiction and drug use (and beauty products) during her time at After the self-described "walking syringe" was fired from her job last summer over her refusal to get clean, she said she'd rather be "on the rooftop of Le Bain smoking angel dust" than working. But she spent a portion of her non-paid vacation in rehab, checking in to The Cabin in Chiang Mai, Thailand, in December, for an addiction to prescription drugs (mainly Adderall). And now it looks like the free spirit is back at work again on her upcoming memoir (working title: How to Murder Your Life), in which she will detail her drug-fueled rise through the publishing industry, along with her "numerous sexual conquests," Page Six reports. They add: "Aside from four abortions, she recalls getting 'choked out by a Park Avenue millionaire kid in a pine grove by the reservoir at 4 a.m.' and 'sex in vacant lots in Bushwick with white rappers.'" The book is being described as Marnell's "own brand of brash, vulnerable, and candid storytelling spun into a long-form memoir, pitched as 'Devil Wears Prada meets Basketball Diaries meets Bergdorf Blondes on PCP.'"

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