Lawyer Accused of Throwing Alcohol-Laden Playboy Party for Teen Daughter

By McCarton Ackerman 01/12/15

A California attorney won't be winning a Father of the Year award anytime soon.

Playboy bunny

A California native won’t be winning "Father of the Year" anytime soon after being taken into custody for allegedly throwing an alcohol-fueled, Playboy-themed party for his teen daughter.

Civil rights lawyer Jeffrey Lake, who has represented medical marijuana cases, was taken in on suspicion of violating San Diego County’s social host ordinance, which makes the homeowner responsible for any underage drinking at their home.

A spokeswoman for the San Diego County Sheriff’s Department said about 150 of the 200 people attending the Jan. 2 party for Lake’s 18-year-old daughter were under 21. Many of them admitted to being drunk and a large amount of alcohol was also found inside the home.

“Despite my family’s intentions to provide my daughter a fun and safe 18th birthday party in the privacy of our own appears that uninvited troublemakers on a public street created a scenario which has resulted in exactly the opposite; leaving my family to deal with the consequences of their actions,” said Lake.

Lake has not yet been charged in the incident, but said he has suffered “defamation and constitutional violations” from being taken into custody. He has denied allowing anyone underage to drink alcohol and said they didn’t have access to it, insisting he “took all reasonable steps to prevent the consumption of alcoholic beverages by any minor at the gathering.”

His daughter’s formal invitation asked partygoers to behave themselves and reportedly said, “I hate to be a hard ass but if you cannot follow the rules then you will not be able to come.”

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