Brooke Mueller Gives Us the Spins

By Kirwan Gray 07/12/11

After 45 days of outpatient therapy, she is seen in photos holding what looks like a homemade pipe.

Drug paraphernalia or empty toothpaste tube?
Photo via x17online

This woman makes even a revolving door look slow. Brooke Mueller, ex-wife of Charlie Sheen, and a tabloid gift that keeps on giving, was caught on camera with suspicious paraphernalia in hand by enterprising paparazzi out making America safe for law abiding citizens. After 45 days of outpatient therapy, she is seen in photos holding a lighter and a piece of aluminum foil—which, despite our best inclinations to give the girl a break, looks for all the world like a homemade crack pipe. Or so we’ve been told. Go to for the big scoop, and blowups of the object in question.

It seems like only yesterday that Ms. Mueller, the mother of Charlie’s twins, was chain-smoking her way through a teary confessional coaxed out of her by Kathy Hilton, mother of Paris, in a tense episode of The World According to Paris. And then Brooke was off to another round of rehab. Which, judging by the photo, has taken only a questionable hold on our favorite rehab client. And before that, in April, there was that grainy video footage of Mueller at a Hollywood pawn shop attempting to sell off an expensive men’s watch and a stereo, and angrily confronting the pawn shop owner when she declined to produce any ID. We root for her, we do. We understand relapse. But we also understand the responsibilities of parenthood. This is one addiction patient who needs more help than she seems to be getting.

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