Britney Spears "Addicts" Find Community Online

By Carmela Kelly 01/19/12

The obsessed fans who run the Britney Addiction website really are addicts, they tell us.

Feelings run deep among Britney fans.
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They're known as "Stans," after the character from the Eminem song. But the people behind fan site Britney Addiction maintain they're addicts, not stalkers. “The whole concept of the site is that Britney Spears is addicting and her fans will support her endlessly,” contributor Alex Mercuri tells The Fix. He admits, “Outside people would look at us like obsessed psychos.” The site's owner, Nigel Johnson, clarifies: “I think the difference between a fan and an addict is that the addict needs to feed off Britney-related stuff everyday and has her constantly on his or her mind. Britney never disappears from your thoughts and beliefs. You want and need to be able to collect all the merchandise.”

Britney Addiction, which is run from Oxfordshire, England, attracts cravers of news, photos and chat relating to their idol. “Us addicts get each other,” says US-based Mercuri. “It is a healthy addiction such as one might find with chocolate. Only one that tries it will understand its zing." But why Britney? "Something about her just captures everyone, even haters devote time talking about her more in-depth than...other artists.” Johnson has gone to some lengths for his obsession: “I got my Britney signature tattooed to me for dedication and because the actual writing is fantastic art. I would love to have the cover of the In The Zone album tattooed on my back. I love her until the world ends.” For obvious reasons, Spears’ management team supports the habits of Britney "addicts"—they promoted the site several times during the troubled star's Femme Fatale tour.

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