British Rocker Pete Doherty Checks Out of Rehab

By Victoria Kim 01/08/15

British rock star and notorious heroin addict Pete Doherty is out of rehab and planning his return to music.

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The 35-year-old Libertines and Babyshambles frontman checked out of Hope Rehab Center in Si Racha, Thailand on Christmas, where he achieved his longest drug-free period since his teens.

Simon Mott, a recovering addict who runs the rehab with his wife, said he was impressed by Doherty’s determination to conquer his heroin habit. At 3.5 grams of heroin a day, Mott had never encountered such a heavy drug habit. Doherty suffered a relapse in early December while on a break from Hope—which allows its clients to come and go freely—but is now drug-free.

Mott revealed that at least one fan had tried to send heroin to Doherty in the mail. “Pete has a hard core of fans and followers and they are not all healthy minded,” he said. “He received a lot of fan mail which we searched before handing it over. Sadly, on two occasions, we intercepted drugs we had to destroy. It sickened me that there are such disgusting people out there who would go to such lengths to sabotage his treatment.”

At Hope, Doherty completed a program of methadone, counseling, exercise, and intense therapy under the care of Mott, who he calls a “therapeutic Margaret Thatcher,” and staff.

Doherty said drugs had crippled his creativity. “Long before drugs, it was music that would raise my spirits or just make me want to live or believe in something,” he said. “It’s a great new drug, being clean. It’s not really a drug at all—it’s finding myself.”

“Drugs don’t make you more creative and one of the great things about being clean is that I’ll be able to fulfill that side of my things (my creativity) … I feel as if something inside me is shifting,” he added.

Doherty is now preparing to return to the stage. Last month, he signed a deal with Virgin EMI to record The Libertines’ first new album in a decade. As Doherty adjusts to life outside of Hope, head counselor Dylan Kerr acknowledged that staying clean won’t be easy. “The expectations on him are massive, possibly even unreasonable and unrealistic,” he said. “I wonder how he is going to maintain his recovery with so many people pulling at him from every direction.”

Doherty continues to travel to Hope to attend drug counseling and has arranged to be accompanied by a Hope counselor when he goes back on tour with The Libertines. 

The musician is also launching a fund, the Pete Doherty Hope Initiative, to help other addicts get treatment at Hope. Addicts who are unable to afford treatment will be funded in part by proceeds from performances, record sales, and public donations.

The video below from The Daily Mail offers some insight into Doherty's rehab experience.

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