Dad's Stash Takes Partying Teens on Tragic Trip

By Jed Bickman 10/18/11

A British math professor with very, uh, eccentric habits was busted when kids at his daughter's birthday party found his party favors.

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This story offers a strange and sad twist on the common scenario of teens partying at one parent's house, raiding Dad's stash, and getting drunk or stoned.

The 61-year-old Brian Dodgeon is a mathematics professor at the University of London. His research includes longitudinal studies of alcohol consumption patterns. He also teaches the Alexander Technique of stress relief from his home. He also used to be a singer specializing in 1930s-style cabaret as well as a "postmodern’ dancer." 

Dodgeon was arrested after a 15-year-old girl, Isobel Jones-Reilly, died after taking ecstasy at his house.  At a birthday party for his 14-year-old daughter attended by 30 teenagers, the kids got into Dodgeon’s stash. His daughter, along with Jones-Reilly and one other teenager, were taken to the hospital after consuming a combination of LSD, ecstasy and ketamine. Dodgeson was not supervising the kids; he had left them in the house alone.

A week after the incident, he leapt from a bridge in an apparent suicide attempt, but survived. Last week, Dodgeon pled guilty to four counts of possession, including LSD and ketamine, and also had the psychedelic 5-MeO-DIPT, known as Foxy Methoxy.


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